81% women want control of their matchmaking process

A couple n love (Photo: Joanna Nix)
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New Delhi– Matchmaking is deep rooted in India’s culture, whether it is a distant relative or the neighbourhood aunty, everyone is trying to find the perfect match for the suitable single in their social circles. But this process of matchmaking puts a lot of pressure on the singles/unmarried persons and their family.

To understand the extent of this pressure, Shaadi.com conducted a study to delve deeper into the mindset of Indian women towards matchmaking. The study revealed that 81 per cent women want to be more independent and take control of their own matchmaking process.

This is primarily because of the pressures in traditional matchmaking. One third of the respondents of the study said they have experienced pressure to get married when the extended family is involved. The study also found that 54 per cent women experience lack of privacy when it comes to choosing their life partner through a traditional setup. When asked about the most annoying part of extended family getting involved, 45 per cent women said that ‘they think they know who is right for me’.

With most of the respondents aged between 25 to 34, the study reflects the evolving mindset of women, who are looking for options that give them and their parents control. To avoid the external pressure faced through traditional matchmaking, 85 per cent women prefer online matchmaking platforms because it is easier to make their own decision.

Commenting on the findings of the study, Adhish Zaveri, Senior Director – Marketing, Shaadi.com said: “The singles of today are very clear on what they want from their future life partners. Traditional matchmaking unfortunately allows little room for their individual preferences and creates an environment of pressure, limited privacy, and an unnecessary sense of urgency. At Shaadi.com, we’re giving the singles & their families the power of choice, privacy and time without feeling pressured by pados waley Sharmaji or door ke Mausaji.”



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