Zuckerberg ‘Twitter account’ pledges $5 mn for Pakistan dam

Mark Zuckerberg
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Islamabad– An imposter, claiming to be Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, has pledged, on microbloging site twitter, to contribute $5 million for Pakistans dam fund.

The fake Twitter account cropped up two days after Prime Minister Imran Khan called on overseas Pakistanis to contribute $1000 each for a fund set up by the Supreme Court to build Diamer-Bhasha dam, the News reported on Monday.

“Pakistan’s new government is serious in making dams and I’m sure Imran Khan will make dams in his government. As humanity, #Facebook will also participate in the Dam Fund #Facebook will give $5 million in the #PMDamFund,” the imposter tweeted.

In a second tweet, he said that he would soon visit Pakistan as an honest government was installed in the country.

“I will come to Pakistan very soon. We want to invest in Pakistan because there is honest government in Pakistan,” he tweeted.

This is not the first time fake online accounts have been created by imposters to spread propaganda and mislead people.

Recently, fake accounts of French President Macron Emmanuel and former Indian cricket star Navjot Singh Sidhu, who visited Pakistan to attend Imran Khan’s inauguration, had gone viral on Twitter. (IANS)


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