Women Who Win #Dreamcatchers Portal Launched in Boston to Empower Women

From left to right: Dr. Manju Sheth, Deepa Jhaveri, and Shaleen Sheth (Photo: Sanjay Kudrimoti)

BOSTON—Three Bostonians have launched a web portal “Women Who Win #Dreamcatchers” to empower women, sharing their dreams, passion and life lessons from across the globe. The project is co-founded by Dr. Manju Sheth, MD, her daughter, Shaleen Sheth, a Babson College graduate, and Dr. Deepa Jhaveri, treasurer of the Indian Medical Association of New England, known as IMANE.

The founders say that the seed to create a platform for women empowerment was planted 12 years ago when Dr. Sheth and Dr. Jhaveri served as co-chairs on Indian Women Physicians Forum. Later, Dr. Sheth served as President of IMANE and Dr. Jhaveri is currently serving as treasurer.

Fast Forward to 2020, with Shaleen Sheth’s millennial touch, the idea came to fruition this summer, as the world transformed to digital.

“It also seemed the best time to share positive, inspiring stories of hope in a world struggling with a deadly, demoralizing pandemic,” Shaleen Sheth told INDIA New England News. “We wanted to create a platform for personal and professional growth, and positive connection between women of different backgrounds, ages, and industries, bringing value to every woman who joins us.”

The three founders bring different skills and backgrounds to the table, along with a shared interest for women’s causes and media experience to showcase it well with sensitivity and skill.

A recent graduate of Babson College, Shaleen Sheth brings entrepreneurship and technology experience. After working in several media and marketing roles including India New England News and the Babson College Marketing Office, Shaleen Sheth knew she wanted to do more. Dr. Jhaveri, a Podiatrist at Boston Medical Center and Beth Israel Lahey Health, brought her passion for women empowerment and her leadership skills from IMANE.

Dr. Sheth, a physician at Beth Israel Lahey Health, has been actively involved in media for 12 years, with her signature series Chai with Manju at INDIA New England News, and award shows such as New England Choice Awards and The Woman of The Year, with India New England News. She is also the President of India New England Multimedia, a Non-profit company. She has served in leadership roles in several women’s organizations, including Saheli and Asian Task Force Against Domestic Violence. She also serves on the Patient Care Advisory Committee at Harvard Pilgrim Health Care.

“We believe every woman has a unique dream, passion, and distinct life lessons to share with the world,” said Shaleen Sheth. “In short term, especially with 2020 being such a challenging year, we aim to bring positivity, inspiration, and conversation in a diverse and inclusive setting. As cliched as it sounds, we believe there is no expiry date to dreams. We look to encourage women to share their dreams and successes or help them achieve theirs through our global women empowerment media platform.”

The long-term mission, however, is to connect and create conversation between global women across industries to empower, educate, connect, and collaborate with each other.

“We achieve our goals by sharing stories of women of all ages, races, backgrounds, and cultures, in a safe, judgement-free, and inclusive space,” said Shaleen Sheth. “We bring to light women who have uplifted their communities, brought resources, or given a voice to crucial women’s issues, such as education, healthcare, and technology.”

Some women who have featured include Rollie Lal, a professor at George Washington University and a political author; Rosemarie Day, a health reform pioneer, author and CEO of Day Health Strategies; Ami Ambani, a graduate of Bentley College and a marathoner. Local personalities profiled include Jharna Madan, Aditi Taylor, Mandy Pant, Gayatri Aryan  and Anu Chitrapu, among others.


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