Vision-Aid announces three new members to its Board of Advisors

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BOSTON–Vision-Aid, a US-based non-profit focused on the visually disadvantaged in India has added three new members to its Advisory Board – Ram Gupta, Veena Handa and Dr. Loubaina Buxamusa. The organization’s current Advisory Board is chaired by Puran Dang,a well-known leader in the community and supporter of many charitable causes.

Ram Gupta

Ram Gupta is a Mechanical/Nuclear Engineer by training, but currently manages his
commercial and residential real estate rental properties. After graduating from IIT Delhi in Mechical Engineering in 1970, he did a Masters in Mechanical Engineering and another Masters in Nuclear Engineering from University of Cincinnati in 1974. He worked as a Nuclear Safety Engineer for Yankee Atomic Company in Westboro, MA which were operating various nuclear power plants in New England; and later as a Consultant with Combustion Engineering, Hartford, CT providing important contribution in the design of the last nuclear power plant installed in US in1980s.

Mr. Gupta believes in giving back to society, like his business family in Delhi, who have set up a charity foundation, which contributes to various causes including running a high school, a temple, a medical dispensary in Delhi, and 2 dharamshalas in UP.

Veena Handa

Veena Handa has a Masters Degree from Lady Irwin College in India and since she arrived in USA in 1972, she has worked for 3 Fortune 500 Financial Institutions (MetLife, Fidelity
Investments and finally John Hancock Financial). During her career, she has been a
mentor and a coach for employees, an advocate for Career Coaching, Continuous
Improvement and Robotics Process Automation for multiple business processes which earned her a STAR of Excellence Award.

She served on the Advisory Board for John Hancock’s Global Women’s Alliance for over 3
years and sponsored a number of programs such as Mentor and Mentee relationship, Monthly Lunches with Senior Management, Networking and Leadership events. Since her retirement in late 2017, she is volunteering for different organizations such as  an
Advisory Board member for Vision-Aid, Treasurer for the Nonprofit Net, Money Management volunteer for Minuteman Senior Services and a volunteer at Lexington Community Center where she works on projects and is currently involved in presenting budget planning and Leadership talks for Youth and Seniors.

Loubaina Buxamusa

Loubaina Buxamusa is an occupational therapist and heads the department of the
occupational therapy services in the Shrewsbury Public School district. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in occupational therapy from the University of Mumbai, a Master’s degree in special education from the Framingham State University, and a Doctorate degree in occupational therapy from the American International College in USA. She has 38 years of experience working as a pediatric occupational therapist with a variety of populations.

Ms. Buxamusa has earned several accolades for her work with children. Her personal passion in serving the visually impaired, her vast knowledge of sensory integration and neuroscience, and her deep belief in the inherent power of neuroplasticity, has led to her desire to contribute her expertise to improving the lives of those living with a vision-related disability. Her own purpose as an occupational therapist, an educator, and a human being is simply to infuse love, truth and compassion into every interaction and realize an opportunity for growth and gratitude in every breath.

Puran Dang

Puran Dang, who is well known in the New England community for his lifelong dedication to the community and service to many organizations, welcomed the new Advisory Board members and said, “Vision-Aid and I particularly are very fortunate to attract the good will of three very noble persons: Ms. Veena Handa, Mr. Ram Gupta and Dr. Loubiana Buxamusa as our new Advisors. They have shown that service for Vision-Aid evokes their feelings for the Vision- impaired in a big way. Their generosity in giving back with their skills and charitable donations is deeply appreciated. I welcome them to our Advisory Board and look forward to our journey together for the noble cause.”

Vision-Aid, a Lexington, MA- based non- profit provides a range of devices, training and
services which serves the visually impaired in India. Vision-Aid programs have won
national and international awards,and brought positive impact to many. Its mission is to
enable, educate and empower the visually impaired to live with independence and
dignity. Currently Vision-Aid offers services in ten locations in India, with more being
added to its network each year. In addition Vision-Aid runs an online Academy that
offers free or highly subsidized skills training programs in a range of areas including
Spoken English, Programming and Accessibility Testing.

The Vision-Aid team is gearing up for its mega annual fund raising event, a unique
Broadway style show “Invincible Spear – the legend of Skanda” to be held at Lttleton,
MA on Sunday July 21, 2019. For more information about Vision-Aid visit


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