Virat Kohli feasts on neer dosa made by Shreyas Iyer’s mother

Virat Kohli (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– India captain Virat Kohli was recently treated to some fine neer dosa cooked by teammate Shreyas Iyer’s mother.

According to Kohli’s Instagram post which he made on Wednesday, Iyer lives close by to his Mumbai home and the latter paid him a visit recently and brought along with him the popular Mangalorean delicacy.

Kohli also shared a picture of the duo standing together, following social-distancing protocols and also wearing masks in the wake of coronavirus pandemic.

The post read: “A kind neighbour who lives 500m away from us brought us some fine home made neer dosas and made us smile. A big thank you to your mom amigo we haven’t had such delicious dosas for a longgg time. Hope you enjoyed the mushroom Biryani we sent back. Good man Shreyas Iyer. P.S. these are the new picture norms with social distancing.

India spinner Yuzvendra Chahal, who is known for his antics on social media, took note of this post from Kohli and replied: “Bhaiya please send some biryani here only 1400 km away.”

Kohli has been very active on social media during these unprecedented times put forward by the COVID-19 crisis. He has been mostly sharing short clips of himself training to maintain his surreal fitness levels.

The India captain, last week, had shared an incredible video of himself, with a Punjabi song blaring in the background, doing multiple power snatch reps.

His Instagram post read: “If I had to make a choice of one exercise to do everyday, this would be it. Love the power snatch.”

Earlier, Kohli had shared another clip of himself going through his physical training. Impressed by teammate Hardik Pandya’s fly push-ups, Kohli posted a video on social media doing the same exercise. (IANS)


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