Vidya Arambh with Shankar Mahadevan at Academy of Creative Arts on Monday

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BURLINGTON, MA–In an exclusive event for students and parents, the legendary music composer Shankar Mahadevan will conduct one of a kind “Vidyaarambh with Shankar” on Monday at the Academy of Creative Arts in Burlington, MA.

Vidyaarambh is focused on beginning the journey of learning music. Mahadevan will spend time with students as a teacher and guru as opposed to being a celebrity. He will conduct the first master class for all the new students who enroll in the Shankar Mahadevan Academy program conducted at the Academy of Creative Arts.

mahadevan-with-kids-coverVidyaarambh will take place at Academy of Creative Arts new facility located at 12 A Street in Burlington. MA on December 12th from 5:00 pm to 6:00 pm. This is a free but exclusive event for existing and newly enrolled students.

Students (kids and adults) interested in enrolling so they can get a free master class with Mahadevan can visit  and enroll for any of the Hindustani vocal, Grow with Music or Hindi Movie Song programs offered.

Shankar Mahadevan (Photo credit: Mike Ritter)
Shankar Mahadevan (Photo credit: Mike Ritter)

Academy of Creative Arts in Burlington is the only school in the United States where Shankar Mahadevan Academy music curriculum is taught live by Shankar Mahadevan Academy certified and trained instructors.

Mahadevan is an award winning artist visiting Boston invited by Berklee Indian Ensemble as artist in residence.

“We are excited to have this wonderful opportunity for students to begin their music learning journey with none other than the legendary Shankar Mahadevanji. It’s an honor for us to host Shankarji at our Academy and to be able to create value for our students and parents” said Java Joshi, the founder of Academy of Creative Arts.

Added Academy of Creative Arts co-founder Hetal Joshi: “We are really grateful to god for giving us an opportunity to make a difference in kids lives, we are also really thankful to Clint Valladares and Annette Philip from Berklee India Ensemble for working with us in making the Vidyaarambh with ACA+SMA students possible especially given the really tight rehearsal schedule.”

Java and Hetal Joshi
Java and Hetal Joshi

Shankar Mahadevan Academy has 11,000+ students from over 47 countries across 24 geographic time zones. The Academy of Creative Arts in Burlington is only location other than NCPA Mumbai worldwide providing SMA music classes live by instructors.

Shankar Mahadevan Academy and Academy of Creative Arts collaborated in 2014 with a common mission to spread the joy of music, making music learning convenient, easy and fun.

The courses offered by the academy can be divided into 3 basic categories:

  1. Instructor-led Certificate Programs in Indian Classical Music (Carnatic and Hindustani Vocal)
  2. Programs in Hindi Music Songs, Devotional Music and other popular forms of Indian Music
  3. Grow with Music Courses for Children

With the Academy, students have access to:

  • A structured classical music curriculum
  • Self-study Hindi Movie and Devotional songs
  • The OM Book™ (Online Music Book), a unique self-learning tool
  • Riyaaz, an integrated practice tool
  • Collaborative classes audio/video recorded for 24×7 access by students

Academy of Creative Arts, founded by Lexington resident couple Java Joshi and Hetal Joshi, now has over 20+ different programs such as Art, Music, 5 forms of Dance, Theatre & Acting, Photography, Public Speaking, Henna etc. all taught under one roof in Burlington.


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