Veteran actor Ravi Patwardhan passes away at 84

Ravi Patwardhan
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Mumbai– Veteran Hindi and Marathi actor Ravi Patwardhan passed away on Sunday in Mumbai owing to a cardiac arrest. He was 84.

Patwardhan complained of breathing trouble on Saturday and was taken to a private hospital. However, his condition worsened. He had earlier suffered a heart attack in March, according to Mumbai Mirror.

Patwardhan had been a familiar face in Marathi cinema and television since the late seventies with character roles, often playing the judge, lawyer, village headman, policeman or the patriarchal head of a family.

His Marathi outings include projects like “Umbartha”, “Maphicha Sakshidar”, “Saglikade Bombabomb”, “Madhuchandrachi Raatra”, “Eeja Beeja Teeja”, “De Taali”, “Bharla Ha Malavat Raktan”, “Suvashinichi Hi Satyapariksha”, “London Cha Jawai”, and “Maherchi Vaat” among numerous others. He was recently seen in the 2019 Marathi TV series “Agabai Sasubai”.

Patwardhan also acted in several Bollywood films including “Tezaab”, “Narasimha”, “Chamatkar”, “Thakshak”, “Yeshwant”, “Pratighat”, “Mujrim”, “Hafta Bandh”, “Salaakhen”, “Yugpurush”, and “Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman”.

In all, Patwardhan starred in over 200 films. He also worked in around 150 plays.

The late actor is survived by his wife, two children, daughter-in-law, son-in-law and grandchildren. (IANS)



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