PV Sindhu on her personal hygiene routine

PV Sindhu
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New Delhi– Weeks after ace badminton player PV Sindhu made headlines with her viral ‘I Retire’ (from substandard hygiene standards) post on social media, she shares ways to stay safe and hygienic while still pursuing the activities that keep us fit.

It has been a tough year for everyone, including those who are athletically inclined. From not being able to play street cricket with friends or even attend your favourite yoga class, we have been restricted to indoor workouts.

Badminton champion PV Sindhu, who endorses Hindustan Unilever’s Nature Protect, shares five ways that keep her safe on and off the court.

Approaching the new normal with the right attitude

When it comes to 2020, the anxiety and fear we have all faced has challenged us in so many ways. While we look to settle into the new normal, having a positive attitude is so important. “I have chosen to not let fear or anxiety take control, but rather approach my days and week with a sense of positivity and determination. As an athlete, I am used to quite a disciplined schedule. Whether it’s my diet, training or even water intake, we work to make ourselves the best versions of ourselves every single day,” says Sindhu.

Adopting products that include natural ingredients

Sanitizers, sprays, disinfectants are our new companions and while they have become a part of our new reality, PV Sindhu looks towards nature as a fitting solution to our hygiene needs. “I have always trusted nature. I marvel at the way it creates and destroys life. Just like the freshwater springs from the mountains or the many medicinal plants that have helped us, I trust nature to help us find our way. In terms of hygiene, I believe the added benefits of incorporating natural elements to our products provides the ultimate safe and sustained solution,” adds Sindhu.

Embrace new habits for a new way of living

We have certainly changed our outlook towards hygiene. Whether its washing our hands repeatedly or using the sanitizers on-the-go, being conscious of our hygiene standards has induced several new habits. One such habit that PV has adopted is how she washes her vegetables. “In the past, just running them under water seemed good enough, but now several of us use fruit and vegetable cleaners to wash our produce. It is all very new to some of us and we still have our apprehensions at times on how safe it is. It is just for us to find the right products and inculcate new habits to strengthen our approach towards hygiene.”

Always being on-the go ready

As the country opens gradually and people begin to step out for work and leisure reasons, it is important to have a 360-degree approach to hygiene. We must be equipped with having the right essentials in our bags when on the move. PV Sindhu’s outlook is taking on a proactive approach to the hygiene habits. “From early morning meditation and training, to gym routine and session with my physio, nothing has really changed. But with the new realities that we cannot ignore which are the mask, sanitizers, wipes and many more hygiene musts, I just need to be extra cautious on-the-go.”

The small things that make the big difference

For the ace badminton player, it is the small things that make a big difference. As she heads back to the court, she resorts to small acts that will go a long way. “Small things like packing the Nature Protect wipes and the on-the-go spray in my kit bag, ensuring the fruits and veggies are washed with the Nature Protect cleaner are some things that I will be more careful about. I think a new way of living is what we all need at present.” (IANS)



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