US-Produced “NRI Wives: Grey Stories of Love Vs Desires” Deals With Real Life Tales of Indian Diaspora, Releases on Mother’s Day

NRI Wives Team
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BOSTON—US-produced “NRI Wives: Grey Stories of Love Vs Desires” is definitely a bold movie. It is also the very first Bollywood feature film fully shot and produced in the United States, especially in New Hampshire, Texas and Seattle, WA. It’s story of love versus desire.

The movie, written and produced by New Englander Gunjan Kuthiala, is releasing theatrically globally on Mother’s Day weekend on May 12th. Among many human-interest topics, NRI Wives deals with martial virginity.

In an exclusive video interview with INDIA New England News, Ms. Kuthiala talks about the movie, challenges of film making, production and financing as well her dream of creating NRI Bollywood.

To watch the full interview, please clcik here, or on the image below.

Star cast of the movie include Bollywood stars like Bhagyashree, Raima Sen, Kiku Sharda, Samir Soni, Jugal Hansraj, Hiten Tejwani, Aditi Govitrikar, Gaurav Gera, Sadiya Siddiqui,  Sameksha Oswal, Javed Pathan, Olivia Malhotra, Kapil Arora and more.

The movie depicts four real life inspired NRI stories diving into the taboo side of the human relationships, emotions, desires, curiosity and how good people can show grey shades too in odd life circumstances.

This is a film made by New Hampshire-based NRI Life Productions. Local Indian-American community members, especially Ambika Mangtani, Vidhi Dalia, Rohini Iris Pola and Soumya Dharmateja have played an important role in the production of the movie. Community groups such as Sraveo, SETU and Hindi Manch also helped with the production.

Ms. Kuthiala, the writer and producer of the film, is the Founder and CEO of NRILIFE Productions and owner of Jobgini. She moved to New Hampshire about 20 years ago.

The NRI Wives, which had a private premier sbowing in Massachusetts last month, was attended by about 200 people. This has been also featured on Kapil Sharma show.

Ms. Kuthiala said that response so far has been great.

“Raving response on bold and courageous stories yet relatable to NRIs. Stories have been treated in a very elegant, graceful and implied way that one can watch comfortably without any cringe/nudity,” said Ms. Kuthiala. “Most people were pleasantly surprised and rated it 5 out 5 and even more.”

She said entire New England Community gave very encouraging feedback and was surprised with quality of production, stories, bold and unique dialogues, songs, star cast ensemble, acting and music.

Ms. Kuthiala said that despite great responses she is nervous about the upcoming release of the film.

“I am literally feeling I am pregnant as I am scared of the work/labor pains ahead and excited that the world will finally get to see mine and our entire cast and crew’s hard work and the baby that we have been making together in spite of million of obstacles and roller coasters, especially after attending the shoot of full episode of Kapil Sharma show on our film,” said Ms. Kuthiala.

She said that this movie has a mission both to NRI Bollywood and to convey a message that to make bold subject stories one does not need to incorporate nudity for the heck of it.

“Support this I AM POSSIBLE mission of creating NRI Bollywood together by just buying a ticket and watch parties with your friends to see this film in theatres on 12th May,” said Ms. Kuthiala. “I promise you that you won’t get bored and it will be a unique cinematic experience for your time and ticket and encourage us so that we can create film opportunities for all NRI passionate creativity seekers here as most NRIs can’t quit their family, financial and social commitments and explore Mumbai or Los Angeles.”


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