Unable to use Indian vocals due to language barrier: Swedish DJ

Swedish DJ Axwell
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By Sugandha Rawal

NEW DELHI– The melodies and tunes of Indian music have found a way into the heart of Swedish DJ Axwell, but he is having a tough time in cracking the Hindi musical code. The Grammy-nominated artiste says language barrier is stopping him from blending in Hindi “vocals” into his electronic music.

Axwell, who has been getting his sound-box to Indian soils since a long time, also took notice of the growing electronic dance music (EDM) party scene in the country, and hopes Indians remain inquisitive about music “like they have always been”.

Swedish DJ Axwell
Swedish DJ Axwell

“I have been trying to figure this out, but you know it is so hard because I don’t understand the language. I would love to take some vocals from here and there which I’ve heard in the Indian songs, but since I don’t understand I might take a really weird sentence you know, and that won’t make any sense. So, it is kind of a hard thing to do,” Axwell told IANS.

Axwell, who along with his music partner Sebastian Ingrosso finds a spot in the top 100 DJs list by djmag.com on the 17th position, added: “It (India) is a great place to come and its (EDM party scene) will grow bigger. I just hope that the people of India will still stay excited like they have always been”.

Axwell, whose real name is Sven Axel Christofer Hedfors, first entered the world of music about two decades back, and swirled his way to success with his fast paced and edgy music. His ticket to fame was becoming a part of electronic dance music heavyweight Swedish House Mafia, through which he went on a global tour with songs like “Don’t you worry child”, “Miami 2 Ibiza” and “Save the world”.

Swedish DJ Axwell
Swedish DJ Axwell

The group – comprising Axwell, Ingrosso and Steve Angello, parted ways in 2013. However, Axwell continues to work with Ingrosso, and the duo is credited for songs like “Sun is shining”, “Something new” and the most recent “Dream bigger”, which they released on the New Year’s eve.

Axwell toured India with Swedish House Mafia in 2012 and 2013, with Ingrosso in 2014, and has been a part of music festivals since 2007. He brought the party back to India last month at Vh1 Supersonic 2015, which was held in Goa.

He gave fans of Swedish House Mafia a reason to cheer by hinting reuniting of the group. Question him about the chances of the trio recreating the magic again, and the music producer is quick to note that “I think that is still small”.

The year may not be about reconciling, but Axwell feels 2016 is a big year for music. “It will be going in many directions. People are trying many things, people want to develop.“

He also shares that paving a place in the musical world “is much easier today than when we started back in 2000, when the social media was not that big. We had to put record sets on vinyl which was quite expensive.

“So, to get a break was bit harder, because you to get a record label to invest in order to get your record out. These days, people can just put it up on Soundcloud for free. So I think it is probably easier these days”.

Talking of his inspirations, he said that everything around him from small to big inspires him, adding that “state of mind” decides the emotion of songs.

He said: “I get inspired by everything… But then again I just get inspired while I am making music, I get inspired by the music itself.

“And sometimes you are in a mode when you feel personal and emotional, which is when you make certain tracks, and then sometimes you are in a more rave mode where you make music like a banger where you know people will go crazy. So it just depends on the state of mind.”


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