Udacity partners AWS for tech scholarship programme

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New Delhi– Global learning platform Udacity on Friday announced a collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to launch the “DeepRacer Scholarship Challenge”, to help students expand their deep learning skills.

The scholarship programme would add a free course to the Udacity-AWS catalogue that would allow students to create and train themselves in a Reinforcement Learning (RL) model that is part of the AWS “DeepRacer 3D” racing simulator.

An advanced Machine Learning (ML) technique, RL is employed to discover new iterations to reach a known outcome.

To help learners collaborate, and share constructive feedback with each other, Udacity is also connecting the programme with its global network of peer-supported student community

“We are pleased to collaborate with AWS and are confident that the collaboration will enhance the learning experience for our students,” added Ishan Gupta, Managing Director, Udacity India.

The top 200 performers in the “DeepRacer League” would further receive a full scholarship to Udacity’s ML Nanodegree programme that was launched earlier in April. (IANS)


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