The Spiritual CEO: Helping CEOs adapt to the new world and its reality


New Delhi–┬áThe world is going through a tremendous transformation, perhaps even a metamorphosis, where it is no longer acceptable to stand on the sidelines, balancing balance sheets and cheque books.

The time has come for leaders and CEOs to meld their success and that of their businesses with the qualities of spiritual awareness and compassion.

Exploring concepts like Korporate Karma, Spiritual Alchemy, Corporate and Spiritual TBL (triple bottom line), Korporate DNA and the positive influence of tradition, values and beliefs on businesses, author S. Prakash, in “The Spiritual CEO” (Westland), opens our collective eyes to the urgent need for change.

It also includes practical solutions and tangible guidance on how a CEOeand indeed every business leaderecan adapt to the new world and its reality.

It provides a simple template for a CEO to look into a “Mirror” and introspect where they stand and how they can metamorphosis to leave a lasting positive legacy, in the process of becoming a “Spiritual CEO”.

S. Prakash, the CEO of See Change, India, is a nationally acclaimed author, coach, master story-teller, key-note speaker, heartful leader, organisational turn-around expert and nation builder. His three-and-a-half decades of work includes a rich blend of business, management and leadership experiences.

He has been writing on human behaviour, business success and many other related topics for over two decades and has published ten books in several languages and has authored more than a thousand articles on self-development, spirituality and other subjects. (IANS)


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