Tamil star Chinmayi reacts to Swiggy boy’s sexist comment

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New Delhi– Popular Tamil playback singer Chinmayi Sripaada took to Twitter and criticised a man for making fun of a woman who was accused of indecency and asked to wear a shawl by a Swiggy delivery boy.

The woman from Tamil Nadu experienced a social backlash on the social media after delivery boy tweeted about her appearing before him in an unpresentable manner.

Narrating the incident on social media, the woman said the delivery boy turned up at the door with food and told her to wear a shawl in her own house.

The woman tagged Swiggy and wrote: “@swiggy_in can your employees mind their own business? One of your delivery persons asked me to put on a shawl coming to my own house. Why does it matter? Do we have to teach manners to them?”

“Why are these f**kers entitled to tell us how we dress? That too in my own house,” she added.

After her tweet went viral, some of the netizens trolled women on the social media site.

In a reply, women tweeted: “I’ll block everyone who is making fun of this.”

Sripaada came out in support and wrote from her Instagram handle : “Men who need to stare at women’s breasts…Doesn’t look like they got weaned from breastfeeding properly.”

She also took to Twitter and slammed netizens for trolling her.

In a series of tweets, Sripaada wrote: “The kind of responses for the tweet on a woman wearing a shawl – if you understand/ read Tamizh, should give you an idea of how things are around here.”

“Some believe a woman not wearing a Dupatta = nudity and invitation to rape. Of course Twitter doesnt find this tweet abusive :-), ” she tweeted.

Slamming one Twitter user for sharing meme on the issue, Sripaada tweeted: “The pathetic problem is how this man justifies a swiggy delivery man advising a woman to wear a Dupatta is �decent’ and asks the �aunty’ to be grateful he was decent. For a delivery person – A house that he /she /they deliver to is a Workplace for the delivery person.”

“Just like your home is the Workplace for your cleaning staff, driver, chef, courier delivery agents or other working professionals,” she added.



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