Sufi singer Kavita Seth wants to don rapper’s avatar

Kavita Seth

By Simran Sethi

New Delhi– As a new wave of hip-hop and rap culture has emerged in India with the success of “Gully Boy”, popular Sufi and playback singer Kavita Seth is keen to give a new twist to her trademark genre with a touch of rap and ballads.

“It is very important for a singer to keep experimenting and come out from one’s comfort zone. In today’s time, rap culture is trending a lot in our country…almost everyone is gripped in the rap fever. So I am also thinking to try something new and create some Sufi raps,” Kavita told IANS.

By blending Sufi with rap music, Kavita aims to create a new form of contemporary music that will appeal to the younger audience.

“Nowadays, many youngsters do not even know what Sufi music is. There are people who find it boring. Everyone has their own preferences and likes, but it does not mean you will continue serving the audience the same old thing. If they want something, the singer should also implement some changes in the way of singing.

“So it would be very exciting and interesting for me if I come out with ‘Sufi raps’ and connect to our youth,” she added.

Kavita, who is the voice behind songs like “Iktara” and “Tumhi ho bandhu”, feels there is a sudden fall in Sufi music in Bollywood films.

“There was a time when Sufi music was on top form in Hindi cinema. There was a lot of exposure of Sufi music in our films. In each film, there was one mandatory Sufi song but now it is gradually fading away. Now, filmmakers are more focused on recreations and remixes.”

However, Kavita feels the genre is evergreen and always charms listeners irrespective of trends.

Apart from experimenting with rap music, the 48-year-old singer is keen to collaborate with new musicians and composers.

“Our millenials have a lot of great talent. Look at the songs they are coming up with. It would be fun to collaborate with them. Even I would get to learn something new from them.”

While speaking of new singers in the industry, Kavita also urged the industry to pay heed to newcomers.

“Most production houses are opting for old hit songs and recreating them. But this is not the way…there’s a pool of new talent in the market. Newcomers should get proper chances, space and time. Creativity needs time to blossom.”

Having started her musical journey at a dargah in Bareilly, Kavita holds the Sufi concert Anandotsav – A Celebration Of Life annually, in memory of her late husband and guru, K.K. Seth.

This year, the concert will be held in Delhi on Saturday.

“I know it is very little in return for what he had done for me, but every year I try my best to do something in his beloved memory. And this time, the concert is taking place in Delhi where I began my professional career. So, this edition has become more special to me,” Kavita added. (IANS)


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