Special puja for a month at Magh Mela to reverse economic slowdown

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Prayagraj–At a time when economic experts are putting their heads together to find a way to counter the economic slowdown in the country, saints at the ongoing Magh Mela in Prayagraj are also doing their bit

Mahant Mauni Maharaj of the Paramhans Ashram (Amethi) is holding a special ‘trishul puja’, that includes a ‘havan’ and ‘aarti’, to please the Goddess of Wealth Laxmi so that the country’s economic condition can improve.

The ritual in this regard will continue for one month at his camp at the Magh Mela.

Adressing reporters, the Mahant said: “This puja is being held with 54 ‘trishuls’ (trident) and the rituals are held thrice a day. The trishuls have been painted red for the puja and flowers and dry fruit offerings are made to appease Goddess Laxmi.”

He further said that the country was facing an economic crisis and the citizens were worried over the situation.

“It is the duty of saints and seers to hold puja for the welfare of the country and its people. To end terrorism, we hold puja with black trishuls and for peace, we worship yellow colour trishuls. For wealth, we are worshipping red trishuls. The puja will conclude on Maha Shivratri,” he added.

The annual Magh Mela, one of the biggest religious congregations on the banks of the Sangam, began on Friday on the occasion of “Paush Purnima”.

The Magh Mela also marks the beginning of the ‘Kalpwas’ in which devotees live in segregated areas, lead an austere life and fast and pray for a month.

The biggest congregation of devotees is expected on January 24 on “Mauni Amawasya” when over 2.25 crore people are expected to take the holy dip in the Sangam. (IANS)



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