Shweta Shetty: Let’s not compare independent music to Bollywood

Shweta Shetty
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Mumbai–While she agrees that the independent music space is growing, singer Shweta Shetty says it still cannot be compared to the prominence that Bollywood music enjoys.

The pop singer, who recently made a comeback after 20 years with her track “Jalne mein hai mazaa”, says that everything from the budget to the audience is different.

“Bollywood will always have a wider reach world-wide. Let us not compare independent music to Bollywood, because their budgets run in crores and ours in lakhs. I’m just trying to create a niche of my own, and so must all other independent artistes, and music, which is different from Bollywood,” she told IANS.

She says that it’s important to continue to work hard and “take risks”.

“You will have to take risks, like I have and make it happen. I’m happy my risk paid off. So you see, there is a large audience out there who are thirsty for independent music and for that we also need channels, like Indian Idol to give us that huge platform to reach them, because 70 per cent of our population are not on social media,” she says.

Shweta adds that independent artists lack a “wide network” as of now.

“Bollywood has a wide network, Independent artistes in India don’t. We need ‘Indian Idol’ and all popular channels that will promote independent artistes and music, to get our music on to the other side,” she says.

“Jalne mein hai mazaa” is a recreated version of her hit number of the nineties. Shweta is also known for her hit albums “Deewane To Deewane Hain” and “Johnny Joker”. (IANS)


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