Shrewsbury Activist Rashid Shaikh throws his hat in the ring for the Selectman in Shrewsbury

Shaikh is flanked by his family
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SHREWSBURY, MA– Shrewsbury activist Rashid Shaikh, who unsuccessfully ran for Selectman in 2009, has again thrown his hat in the ring for the position of Selectman in Shrewsbury, MA. He came second in 2009.

Shaikh is flanked by his family

“Shrewsbury is a growing town that has changing demography and unique set of challenges,” Shaikh said in a statement. “Water contamination, sewer capacity, new gas pipeline, neglected road infrastructure, public safety, and school budget constraints even with recent overrides are daunting issues for shrewsbury.”

Shrewsbury tried solving its school and town budget deficits with overrides and service fees but unfortunately the issues are greater now than ever before, said Shaikh. The election will be held on May 2.

Shaikh ran for selectman in 2009 and brought lot of new ideas to the table. He studied the entire budget and laid out plan to save $5 million in 21 line items, but he came second and could not execute those ideas.

Shaikh is an engineer and successful local businessman. He has MS engineering and MBA from UMass Lowell, and Program for Leadership Development from Harvard Business School.



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