Shrashti Maheshwari on her ‘man-eating’ character in ‘Baal Shiv’

Shrashti Maheshwari
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Mumbai–‘Pandya Store’ actress Shrashti Maheshwari talks about her character in mythological show ‘Baal Shiv’ where she plays the character of Ajamukhi.

Shrashti shares: “My character Ajamukhi is Tarkasur’s (a cruel demon) beloved sister and has the power to take any form she desires. She does not age and is believed to be one of the most beautiful girls in the universe. The character is projected to be cruel, known for trapping rishi, munis in her love and then killing and eating them. She believes eating their bodies is good for her health.”

On her excitement about being a part of the show, she adds: “I have always loved playing grey characters as I believe such roles have a lot of layers and being an actor, I love experimenting with variations. When it comes to mythology as a genre, it has a lot to cater to an artist’s hunger for exploration. Unlike daily soaps, in mythology, you learn a lot from every scene.”

“Moreover, I believe I am a powerhouse and that mythology gives me the space to put in all my energy. I am enjoying every bit of the shooting for ‘Baal Shiv’,” adds the actress known for ‘Adaalat’, ‘C.I.D.’ and ‘Shaadi Teri Bajayenge Hum Band’.

‘Baal Shiv’ airs on &TV. (IANS)



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