Scientists in conversation with a Mystic Sadhguru on “Memory, Consciousness, and Coma” on May 14 at Harvard

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
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CAMBRIDGE, MA—A group of scientists from Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital and Weill Cornell Medical College will have a conversation with Indian mystic Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on May 14 at Sanders Theater at Harvard University in Cambridge, MA.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev
Nicholas D. Schiff

The scientists who will join Sadhguru are: Emery N. Brown, MD, PhD, Warren M. Zapol Professor of Anesthesia at Harvard Medical School and at Massachusetts General Hospital, Edward Hood Taplin Professor of Medical Engineering and Professor of Computational Neuroscience at MIT; and Nicholas D. Schiff, MD, PhD, The Jerold B. Katz Professor of Neurology and Neurosciences, Weill Cornell Medical College,New York.

Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, a Yogi Mystic and visionary, is founder of Isha Foundation, a non-profit organization which offers yoga programs around the world and is involved in social outreach, education and environmental initiatives.

The session will be moderated by Bala Subramaniam MD, MPH. Associate Professor of Anesthesia, Harvard Medical School, and Director, Center for Anesthesia Research Excellence, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.

Here are the details about the event:

Emery N. Brown


Date: Monday, May 14, 2018

Time: 4:30-6:30 pm

Venue: Sanders Theatre, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Tickets: Harvard Box Office or call 617-496-2222.



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