Sannan Nizami: A Big Dream With Rickshaw in Boston, and Probably Across the US

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Sannan Nizami
Sannan Nizami

LOWELL, MA– Sannan Nizami was born in Hyderabad and came to Lowell, MA, in 1993 with his family and a few dreams. “I have big aspirations and plan on capitalizing on every good idea I can brew up,” says Nizami.

His first idea is New England Rickshaw Co., which he started recently. Now, anyone in the area can rent his rickshaw for a wedding procession or any special private or corporate event with an Indian twist. His next big dream is to increase his fleet of rickshaws in Boston and take in national.

“The idea of the business is to offer a new way of going about our already lovely and fun baraat processions which take in most Indian weddings,” says Nizami. “People have to this day used different types of cars, luxury, classic, and even your everyday average car for the groom to show up in the baraat with music somehow blasting.”

His rickshaw, which now available for rent in Greater Boston, will offer a new alternative.

“This rickshaw would be an excellent traditional alternative for the groom to arrive in and make way to the venue while riding and as his baraat party dances around him,” Nizami says. “The rickshaw will soon be outfitted with a premium sound system so that big bulky speakers do not have to be used in the trunk of a car. The speakers will be professionally installed to provide top notch and high end quality of sound for the baraat to dance to.”

Another use for the rickshaw will be for photosessions and even as a photobooth.

“I have a client who wants to rent it for a photobooth so her guests can jump on and take pictures with family and friends,” adds Nizami. “It really is an excellent way for couples planning a wedding to implement the rickshaw in any which way they please. It is so unique that their guests would be blown away.”

Rickshaw-1Nizami has been in Massachusetts since his family came here in 1993. He went to Lowell public schools, graduated from Lowell High School in 2006 and will be graduating from UMass Lowell with a B.S. in MIS and Marketing. In addition, he plans to complete his MBA from UMass Lowell in 2017 and has big dreams when it comes to business.

“I have a wide variety of experience but the plan is to grow my business and venture into areas like commercial and residential real estate development,” says Nizami, adding that for now he wats to stay focus on rickshaw.

“As I expand the company, I plan to acquire additional rickshaws. The one I have now is a bicycle rickshaw and the ones I plan on buying are the traditional auto rickshaw you see in India,” says Nizami. “I strongly feel that it would take off, not only in the New England area, but also the throughout the U.S.”

His plan is to also offer these units for rent to corporate events.

“Many companies in the Boston area, like anywhere, hold special events for their employees so my pitch is for them to rent it and advertise their brand on the rickshaws,” Nizami says. “The city of Lowell has a few festivals throughout the year and I am working with the city to acquire a license to ride the rickshaw locally. There is the Lowell Southeast Asian Water Festival coming in August this year and I am in talks with them to have the rickshaw there to possibly give guests rides for a fee.”

Nizami says the rickshaws will be used to bring culture and something new in many different settings and aspects.

“The number one thing I am excited about is to see how amazingly it will look and play out in weddings, specifically in baraats,” he says. “New England Rickshaw Co. will be the first rickshaw/auto rickshaw rental vendor in the New England and tri-state area with big ideas on expanding the use of them in several different areas.”


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