Rinku Dhawan makes a comeback on TV after four years in ‘Appnapan’

Rinku Dhawan
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Mumbai–Popular TV actress Rinku Dhawan, who is returning to the small screen after four years in the show ‘Appnapan Badalte Rishton Ka Bandhan’, has talked about making a comeback and her character.

She says: “I am returning to television after almost four years and therefore I need a project that makes me want to challenge myself. ‘Appnapan’ came to me as the right show at the right time. I was searching for something which would excite me and when I was told about the character, I jumped at the opportunity.”

“I always look for characters that challenge me because there is a different thrill in portraying a role which is very unlike you. And, the same is the case with Nandita’s character in ‘Appnapan’.”

The ongoing track is all about the happiness of a mother Pallavi, played by Rajshree Thakur as all her kids are staying together including Manna (Mehak Ghai) and Harsh (Keshav Mehta), who were staying with their father, Nikhil(Cezanne Khan). Nandita(Rinku) is Nikhil’s sister and she is playing all the tricks to create differences between Nikhil and Pallavi.

Rinku shares how complex her character is in the serial and why Nandita is making the storyline interesting.

“Nandita is a complex character with multiple layers to her. Coming from a wealthy family she has this sense of pride in her and she is very protective about her brother as she feels he is too innocent to understand people. Therefore, she acts as the thorn in Nikhil and Pallavi’s relationship because she thinks of Pallavi as a gold digger owing to her background. As she cares for her brother Nikhil, she wants the best for her brother, naturally. Hence, she keeps adding trouble in Pallavi’s life.”

“I am really happy with the audience’s verdict on Nandita and how they perceive her because it’s one thing to make someone fall in love with your character but a whole different ball game to make them abhor you,” she adds.

On working with Rajshree and Cezanne, she comments: “Also, working with my industry mates Rajshree and Cezanne who are powerhouse actors on their own merit has been a fulfilling experience. We bounce off each other pretty well and have a good camaraderie both onscreen and off screen, although you might find me in a tiff with Rajshree onscreen.”

‘Appnapan Badalate rishton ka bandhan’ airs on Sony Entertainment Television.


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