Resorted to ghost-writing to survive in showbiz: Indervesh Yogee

Writer-director Indervesh Yogee
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Mumbai00“Love Ke Funday” writer-director Indervesh Yogee, who hails from Haryana, says to survive in the rat race in Bollywood, he even had to ghost-write and direct some projects. Now his debut film, a romantic comedy, is set to release on July 15.

The romcom “Love Ke Funday”, a film on today’s youth, is produced under FRV Big Business Entertainment Private Limited banner by Faaiz Anwar and Prem Prakash Gupta.

Writer-director Indervesh Yogee
Writer-director Indervesh Yogee

It was after he was appreciated for writing plays during his college days in Rohtak that Yogee thought about joining the film industry. He first tried his luck in Delhi, but when he saw there were people fleecing the gullible ones, he decided to make the shift to Mumbai.

“To survive in the rat race and make my dreams come true, I had to even resort to ghost-writing as well as directing TV as well as films. I met producer-lyricist Faaiz Anwar and bagged the task of writing as well as directing his film ‘Love Ke Funday’, which is now all set for release on July 15,” Yogee said.

His film, he says, reflects the attitude of today’s youth towards love.

“It is a story of everyone who lives in a metro city. Frankly speaking, the film has been culled from real life incidents around us and is not just a story. Though the youth call it love, they do not realise what love and relationship exactly are,” Yogee said.

“According to them, the definition of love is something else. There were times when Heer-Ranjha and Laila – Majnu died for each other, but today the youth hosts breakup parties when they split from each other. The film mirrors the lives of the youth today,” he added.

Writer-director Indervesh Yogee
Writer-director Indervesh Yogee

For the movie, he has cast newcomers.

Talking about it, he said: “It is a youth-oriented film and hence we wanted to cast new and fresh boys and girls who do not have (set) images. Newcomers work with more energy and put in 100 per cent efforts on their roles.”

Yogee also believes that just like every filmmaker sets out to make a superhit according to his own designs, they too have aimed at that.

“But it is ultimately only the viewer who will be able to say whether it is good or bad on Friday when it is releasing,” he added.

Asked if he is ready to direct TV serials too besides feature films, Yogee said: “Work is not small or big. Today many work in both TV serials as well as films. If the story and the script, besides the team, are good, you enjoy working.”

“I have always wanted to do something different and new. If I get good offers, I am ready to try my hand at writing as well as directing TV serials too.”

For now, he says he is working on two or three stories.

“As and when they are ready, they will go on floors soon. I want to do good work in life so that people will remember me as a good writer and director who knows his craft.” (IANS)


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