Readers comment on Trump, Atheism and NGO status cancellation

Dr. Dinesh Patel
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Mr. Trump, show your tax returns

Today Mr Trump suggested the United States should accept the RUssian invasion/annexation of Crimea. He is spiraling out of control quickly and anyone with eye’s that wants to use them can see clearly. He simply has so little clue about what he is speaking of when it comes to foreign affairs, and at this point he is becoming dangerous.

It’s insulting to us all at this point.. Except for what we have seen on reality TV, NONE of us know a darn thing about the real Mr Trump or his charming communist block born wife, anymore than we know about the real Eddie Haskel from Leave it to Beaver.. Mr Trump has no public service, or military record to be vetted on, and wont show you who he owes the most money to either. And that simply is ‘not ok’.

Mr Trump, we really need to see your tax returns at this juncture so the nation can make sure you are not beholden to Kremlin interests and many many unpaid Russian loans. You are now officially talking like a satellite Putin, and it is really becoming quite disturbing that so many in the GOP are watching in fear, but far too cowardly and unethical themselves to take an AMERICAN stance against Mr Trumps utter anti American/Allies ignorance…

–Chas Holman

Definition of Atheism

“Atheism is, in the broadest sense, the absence of belief in the existence of deities, according to Wikipedia. Less broadly, atheism is the rejection of belief that any deities exist.”

No. Atheism has only one sense, only one definition: “disbelief in gods”. There is no “narrower sense”. The Oxford Dictionary of English, the most authoritative source for the meaning of English words in existence, defines atheism as “Disbelief or lack of belief in the existence of God or gods.” If you think there are other meanings for the word, think again.

–Ian Cooper

Donor should know where the money goes

Dr. Dinesh Patel
Dr. Dinesh Patel

This is nice thing to do for the government and take control to make sure right kinds of activity takes place.

The donors from NRI community and else should really know where the money goes etc.

It is possible that some funds may be going for activity which government may not like as interference in the governance. Hopefully, and may be newspapers like yours should warn the donors that unless Indian government approves non-profit status of that organization be careful in donations.

–Dinesh Patel


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