Radhika’s experience of going from India to UK amid COVID-19

Radhika Apte (Photo: Twitter)
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Mumbai– Amidst strict border restrictions due to the outbreak of coronavirus, Bollywood actress Radhika Apte made it back with her husband musician Benedict Taylor to London.

Radhika took to Instagram, where she detailed her experience about her immigration from India to the UK, during the pandemic.

She wrote: “For all the many messages I received from friends and colleagues with concern and curiosity… I’m back in London safely. There was no issue at immigration. It was rather empty and had a wonderful chat with them! The Heathrow express was literally empty and barely anyone at Paddington either.”

“That’s all for now! Thank you for all msgs xx Ps. BA flight was full! ?? (though two days ago when I went to India from London it was empty.) More ps. The immigration officers had no information to share regarding UK closing borders yet. #obvs #sillyme #goodtiming #travelinthetimeofcorona,” Radhika added.

At least 181 people in India have so far tested positive for the novel coronavirus which has now affected over 2 lakh people globally. (IANS)


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