Pushkin captures the longing that lurks within us

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New Delhi– This exhibition is compelling because of the use of primary colours and the constant brooding nature of the magnified objects cape with elongated shadows, oblong acrylic figurations, backdrop doubling as a post-figurative floating surface, and self referential iconic titles of the works on the futility and inevitability of market driven isolation of identities.

In the midst of our public lives, the urge to capture the structure and outlines of our private life is forgotten. Pushkin captures the longing that lurks within us. And paints that yearning.

“Transpiring the language of being” is a phrase I have coined for my new paintings. I have tried to transpire the language every being must heave and hide to reconstruct new visual revelations and replace the existing visual mores, which is sometimes felt as crossing a junkyard of robbed, manipulated, disintegrated, and recycled visual images. My new works are concerned with discovering and deciphering the hidden language in everything we feel; surprising the “sense of being” through a new visual language, which I have to create in a different way and with imaginative strings of infatuation,” said EH Pushkin. (IANS)


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