Probe officer blames “stars” in missing woman’s case in Delhi


New Delhi–¬†Astrology has come in the way of preventing closure on a missing person’s case in the capital. In a bizarre turn of events, a probe into the disappearance of Air India official Sulakshana Narula, missing since September 2018, cannot be completed because of what is called ‘Maha Dosh’ in astrological terms.

Delhi Crime Branch was handed over the investigation last year, but it cannot find the woman “until her bad phase or ‘maha dosh’ ends”.

The personal astrologer of Delhi CB officer Vijay Samaria has said that the ‘maha dosh’ in his case, too, ends on April 19. Until then, Samaria has refused to probe the case.

What makes the case even more intriguing is that Samaria has conveyed to Narula’s family that Sulakshana’s “bad phase” too “ends” the same day – April 19.

Samaria reportedly convinced Sulakshna’s son Anubhav to provide him his mother’s horoscope which he then showed to his astrologer along with his own. The conclusion was that the woman’s horoscope had ‘maha dosh’ written all over it.

The police officer is confident that he will find Sulakashna anytime after April 20 when the stars bear good tidings.

The family is flabbergasted at the way things have been handled. Anubhav was even told to visit a Chattarpur temple, where Goddess Baglamukhi rests, to perform an ‘upaya’ (a way out).

“Sulakshna’s family members consulted their astrologer and believed that she would be found in Haridwar, Mathura or Virandavan. The investigating officer of the case, Vijay Samaria, visited these places more than twice, without any result,” said ACP Jasbir Singh.

Family members say despite an FIR being registered three days after 58-year-old Sulakshana went missing, nothing has happened. In October, the case was handed over to Crime Branch.

“We believe in scientific investigation, but if an inspector supports victim’s family members with a personal touch, it affects the ongoing probe. I don’t know about any horoscope and bad phase theories,” said Jasbir Singh.

“We have searched all shelter homes in adjoining states and also coordinated with interstate police. We continuous our efforts to find her,” said the ACP. (IANS)


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