Prabhu Deva sir taught me how to remain a lifetime learner: Salman Yusuf Khan

Salman Yusuf Khan (Photo: IANS)
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Mumbai– Dancer Salman Yusuf Khan says popular dancer-filmmaker Prabhu Deva taught him how to continue learning irrespective of the amount of success an artiste may earn over time.

“He is so observant of every physical movement and always eager to learn. For an artiste of his level, he could have easily been the one to say, ‘I teach, and you follow’. But no, he actually is always learning and unlearning. We see his body is flexible but I think he has a flexible mind too, with no ego,” Salman told IANS.

He recalled an incident from the time when they were shooting once. “I was doing a few steps and he walked up and said, ‘that was good, repeat it, come on, teach me that step’. I was amazed that Prabhu sir was asking me to teach him a step! Obviously, I was hesitant but then he put his hand on my shoulder and said, ‘Come on man! Anything that is good should be learnt and incorporated in dance. That move can come from anywhere, that’s how we grow. Now come on, teach me!'” said Salman. (IANS)



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