Only some people watching Bhojpuri films: Mona Lisa

Mona Lisa
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Mumbai– Actress Mona Lisa says Bhojpuri films are not yet getting their due because it has failed to reach the maximum audience via single screen theatres.

She feels it is because only a “particular” section of people of “lower standards” go and watch the films due to lack of multiplexes.

Asked why it is that Bhojpuri films, though popular, are looked down upon, Mona Lisa told IANS here: “Maybe because budget wise it is still low. We are not getting multiplex audience because it’s releasing only in single theatres. Just particular people are going. The audience there is of lower standards.

Mona Lisa

“We are reaching just till there (audience) because if Bhojpuri films don’t release in multiplexes, then people who want to watch us cannot go. That growth is yet to happen,” she added on the sidelines of the launch of &TV’S “Comedy Dangal”.

Mona Lisa, whose real name is Antara Biswas, started her Bhojpuri film career in 2008 with “Bhole Shankar”.

She says there has been a tremendous growth in the industry since then.

“Since I joined Bhojpuri films, I have seen a tremendous growth. It will take time. No regional language (films) becomes popular from the start. Our industry is growing. I feel blessed because I have done whatever I have done till today through Bhojpuri films.”

Mona Lisa was seen in the controversial reality TV show “Bigg Boss”. She says the show has given her more popularity.

“My life has changed after ‘Bigg Boss’. I am very much popular now. You can see on social websites that I have plenty of followers. Earlier, I was just famous in the regional zone, but now whenever when I go, people are recognising me,” she said.

Is Bollywood on her mind?

“I’m from Koklata, so when I started my career in Mumbai, I started it with some small budget Hindi films. I started Bhojpuri after that. Being an artiste… every artiste wants to work — in Bollywood or regional language or anywhere. We just want to work,” she said.

Asked if she has any Hindi films on her platter, she said: “Definitely talks are on. So, let’s see.” (IANS)



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