Parvati Sehgal says fans want her rude

Parvati Sehgal
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Mumbai–Actress Parvati Sehgal says the personality of her character Komal in the show “Mann Ki Awaaz Pratigya 2” has changed over two seasons, but fans want the old Komal back.

While Komal was rude and abusive in the first, she has become sensible and loving in the second after the loss of her husband and child.

“My character in season one and two are very different because in the first one Komal was very rude, abusive and uneducated. In season two, she has lost her husband Aadarsh and her daughter, so she has become sensible, kind and loving, especially towards Garv. She considers him her own child, and she is very close to him,” she told IANS.

She adds: “My character is of a widow, and she has got all these emotions somehow because of the things that happened to her in the last nine years. That’s how she has changed,” she added.

Parvati says fans keep asking her when Komal would revert to her original personality.

“The audience wants to see the old Komal back, and they want to see the misbehaving, rude and negative Komal. I am hoping for that too, but I do like to portray the soft Komal at times because then as an actor I get to play many shades and variations,” she says. (IANS)


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