Miss Pakistan World: Pakistani women should unite against honour killings

Miss Pakistan World Anzhelika Tahir
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By Gurmukh Singh

Toronto–Miss Pakistan World Anzhelika Tahir, expressing shock over the murder of Pakistani model Qandeel Baloch by her brother in Multan, has called upon the women of her country to join hands to stop the barbaric practice of honour killings.

Miss Pakistan World Anzhelika Tahir
Miss Pakistan World Anzhelika Tahir

The Toronto-based reigning beauty queen told IANS: “I’m so sad that such a horrible thing has happened. No matter what Qandeel’s choices were, murder was not the answer. Her brother should be brought to justice. I hope the women of Pakistan will unite to make a collective statement against honour killings.”

About Baloch’s provocative lifestyle in a conservative society, Miss Pakistan World said: “Baloch was no different than Kim Kardashian, and everyone and anyone can live howsoever they want to. She is not to be blamed for her choice of lifestyle. Anyone has the right to choose what they want to do with their life.”

She said Baloch was right in seeking security from the government because of threats to her life.

“Pakistan is a different country. Because she was a social media star, the government should have provided at least minimum security. But in this case, her own brother murdered her. There is nothing much the government could have done as it was in her own home.”

Urging Pakistani men to learn to tolerate independent and assertive women, the Miss Pakistan World said: “Pakistani men should know that the world is changing and more and more women are in control of their life. There is nothing that can stop anyone. Today there was a Qandeel, tomorrow there will be another Qandeel. Men will have no choice but to tolerate independent women.”

She said young Pakistani women shouldn’t be discouraged by what happened to Baloch.

“My suggestion to Pakistani girls is to follow their heart. Dream and live your life. Qandeel lived her life her way. Things will change. Decades from now, it will be a woman’s world. It is women like Qandeel who have brought a change. May she rest in peace.”

Miss Pakistan pageant founder Sonia Ahmed added: “For the politicians of Pakistan to still not take any action to stop women — like Qandeel Baloch — dying through honour killing everyday is upsetting. This is the problem of the system in Pakistan. Women are subjected to honour killing everyday. This is not the first time. Only difference is that Qandeel was well known in social media. A sad day for Pakistan.”

The brother of Pakistani model-cum-actress Qandeel Baloch has confessed that he drugged and then strangled his sister in the name of “honour”.

Baloch’s brother was arrested by the police on Saturday night after she was found strangled to death in her house in Multan early in the morning. (IANS)


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