Pakistani filmmaker names Dawn CEO as his alleged rapist

Hameed Haroon (left) denies rape accusations levelled against him by filmmaker Jamshed Mehmood Image Credit: Dawn
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Islamabad–Filmmaker Jamshed Mahmood, who in October came forward with the accusation that he was raped by a “media tycoon” 13 years ago, has named Dawn CEO Hameed Haroon as his alleged rapist.

The director, popularly known as Jami, made the accusation in a tweet on Saturday night from a new Twitter account he created, allegedly due to his previous account being hacked. He also shared the accusation on his Facebook page.

In response, Haroon on Monday issued a statement categorically rejecting the rape accusations.

“The story is simply untrue and intentionally fabricated at the instance of those who wish to silence me and through me, to compel the newspaper that I represent to support their repressive narrative,” said Haroon, adding that he will initiate legal action, the Dawn reported.

Following Haroon’s statement, Jami tweeted that he had feared “this entire plot that I’m part of Establishment to bring Dawn down” would be used against him. The director clarified that coming forward with his story was not about “Dawn vs Jami. It’s personal issue raised now (because) I’m doing all this for few years to help victims.”

He rejected the notion that he was acting at the behest of anyone, despite having been approached by some hoping “to bring down Dawn”.

“We refused every single time as I told them I’m from a family where we don’t use any illegal means to serve any purpose at all. Rest we will see in court. This is for victims and survivors. We put our neck out (because) #metoo died here in Pakistan (because) of all these dirty tricks,” said the director.

Jami said, “I’m giving my word to Dawn management that I would never hurt Dawn ever […] issue is sexual assault, not Dawn.” (IANS)


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