New non-surgical, painless treatment to reduce weight in a day

Simal Soin (Photo: Facebook)

New Delhi–A new non-surgical, painless medical procedure which reduces fat from the body within a day or two was launched here on Wednesday.

Simal Soin (Photo: Facebook)
Simal Soin (Photo: Facebook)

According to doctors, under the procedure termed BTL Vanquish ME, skin is heated up to 42 degrees Celsius and the underlying fat to 46 degrees which burns the fats including the areas of the body which takes time to even through heavy exercises.

“It is basically a painless procedure. There is no downtime, no compression garments required, and no special instructions to follow. Although the skin and the underlying fat is heated up, patients often describe the treatment as just a warm feeling, like standing in front of a radiator,” said Simal Soin, cosmetic dermatologist at Aayna Clinic.

Medical sciences say people who exceed their ideal body weight by more than 20 percent have an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, stroke, heart and liver disease, and orthopaedic disorders. Nationally and internationally, more than a billion people are overweight.

Soin said the biggest advantage of the technology is that it was non-surgical and said to be absolutely safe having no chances of damaging external skin or muscles.

“This technique has been around worldwide but now has been introduced in India. The fat reduction is permanent if the patient does not gain weight. Healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise are highly recommended post treatment,” said Soin.


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