Musk tells Sachin Agarwal why Twitter’s ‘For You’ algorithm is working fine

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New Delhi– As Indian-origin entrepreneur Sachin Agarwal, Co-founder of non-profit organisation GrowSF, posted that he finds the “For You” timeline to be more valuable than the “Following” timeline, Twitter CEO Elon Musk replied, saying it has been nice work by the recommendations algorithm team.

Agarwal, who earlier worked as a product manager at Twitter, said that this was something “we discussed every day while I worked at Twitter: how do we show you great content without you having to find and follow accounts? This simple solution works.”

Musk replied: “Nice work by the recommendations algorithm team! As always, changes will be open source.”

According to the company, the goal of the ‘For You’ timeline is to serve people relevant tweets.

Musk further said that so far, over 1 million lines of code have been uploaded to Twitter’s GitHub repository.

Twitter last month made most of its recommendation algorithm open source which is now available for independent third parties and users.

According to Musk, many embarrassing issues will be discovered, but we “will fix them fast”.

“Acid test is that independent third parties should be able to determine, with reasonable accuracy, what will probably be shown to users,” Musk said.

Most of the recommendation algorithms will be made open source and the rest will follow.

“Our recommendation system is composed of many interconnected services and jobs. There are many areas of the app where tweets are recommended — Search, Explore, Ads,” said the company. (IANS)


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