Mumbai golf prodigy Krishiv gears up for Olympics 2024

Krishiv KL Tekchandani
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New Delhi– Mumbai-born Krishiv KL Tekchandani, touted as Indian golfings most promising young achiever, has a vision for 2024 – to represent India at the Olympics 2024 and bring home the Gold.

Krishiv, aged 19, first wielded a golf club at the tender age of seven and proved to be a natural. He has since won scores of prestigious awards and championships. The ride has not been easy.

It has taken a rigorous mix of practice, homeschooling, online education and shuttling between training academies to pursue and excel at the sport.

Krishiv counts himself as fortunate to have honed his skills under some of the best mentors in professional golf at the Butch Harmon Golf School, Dubai and Bishops Gate Golf Academy, Florida.

“What motivates me to tread onward is my relentless passion for golf and the deep inspiration that I draw from my national flag.

“I usually start my day at the game with a silent tribute to my nation. It is my dream to make India join the big league of premier golfing nations. It is my vision to win India its first Olympic Gold for golf in the upcoming 2024 Olympics,” said Krishiv.

While he derives his golfing inspiration and down-to-earth attitude from his idols Tiger Woods and Rory Mcilroy, it is his parents who have instilled in him a sense of empathy towards the socially and financially deprived.

Krishiv engages in philanthropic activities on special occasions like his birthday, festivals and celebrations. “Supporting a humanitarian cause as an extension of our joy is something that really brings happiness to my soul,” added the young champ. (IANS)


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