Morari Bapu raises donation for Ram temple to over Rs 18 crore

Morari Bapu
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Gandhinagar–The revered Ram Katha narrator in Gujarat, Morari Bapu, who had pledged a total of Rs five crore for the Ram temple construction in Ayodhya, on Sunday raised it to a total of Rs 18.61 crore.

Addressing the online viewers of the Ram Katha from the Pithoriya Hanuman temple, Morari Bapu said, “I had pledged to donate Rs 5 crore for the Ram Mandir construction in Ayodhya from the Chitrkutdham. But, as it turns out, we have received a total contribution of over Rs 18 crore.”

The Chitrkutdham temple has received a total of Rs 18.61 crore, out of which Rs 11.23 crore has come from within the country, whereas around Rs 3.20 crore is from donors from the UK and Europe. Over Rs 4.10 crore has been donated from donors from the US, Canada and other countries.

Bapu said, “I thank all the donors who have donated for this service. From those who have donated Re 1 to those who have donated more than Rs 1 crore, each donor is equally important to me.”

It will be ensured that this donation reaches the temple authorities before August 5, when the stone laying ceremony will be carried out. (IANS)


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