Mithila Palkar urges Indians to ‘work with the system’

Mithila Palkar (Photo: Twitter)
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By Siddhi Jain

New Delhi– Requesting fellow Indians to stay home in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic, Netflix’s ‘Little Things’ actor Mithila Palkar – who has been in quarantine after her return from Australia this month – says it is very important to follow this lockdown.

“For all of us as a nation, it is very important to work with the system right now. Read the right literature, speak to your local doctors and don’t believe in random rumours and WhatsApp forwards. Make sure the source of your information is authentic,” the ‘Karwaan’ star told IANSlife over an email interview.

When the actress came back from Australia, she found “things at the Mumbai airport” to be “extremely well organised”, an account of which she wrote on social media. “As a nation, we have taken baby steps to start controlling things and it is important to acknowledge those too, even if we still have a long way to go.”

Mithila, 27, has not met her parents or grandparents upon her return – but is making to keep in touch over the phone and internet. “I read, I have been catching up on shows and films that I struggle to find time for otherwise, I’m learning how to cook from my Nani. So I learn one new thing everyday.”

Her message to fellow Indians?

“Please, please don’t take this very lightly. The strict measures that are being taken are for a reason and we should follow them. Use your privilege to educate yourself about what is to come and help those with no or limited access to this information, understand what is happening. Stay indoors, don’t step out unless necessary. We are all in this together, if we work together, we will come out of this sooner.”

The actor has also reported changes in her fitness routine, as she now trains with her fitness trainer via video calls. She is also trying one new dish everyday.

“I used to workout as per my availability about 3-4 times a week, but now I can put in more sessions since I’m at home.”

Finally, what does she feel about growing oneself in quarantine and self-isolation?

“We needn’t take the pressure of doing things all at once. We aren’t trying to compete with anyone. Self-reflection and learning is great but not at the cost of

demoralising ourselves. These are lessons we should learn everyday not just because now we have so much time,” she states. Adding, “Everyone has their own speed and process, follow that. If you do want to pick up a hobby or go back to an old one, do it. If not, feel free! No pressure. Understand your own self and interests and work in sync with that, not against it.” (IANS)



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