Letter From TiE-Boston President Praveen Tailam

Praveen Tailam
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Praveen Tailam
President of TiE-Boston

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Wow……and just like that TiE-Boston has turned 20! Really!! In the past two decades, TiE-Boston has established itself as a driver of and key player in the ecosystem  We have pioneered programs and grown to become the second largest chapter in the US, leveraging the advantage of being in the educational capital of the world and a national hub of innovation- all thanks to our founders, members and volunteers who have put in tremendous time, effort and capital.

When the idea of TiE was floated in Silicon Valley in 1992, did the founders realize that they were starting what would become the largest global not-for-profit network fostering entrepreneurship? Did they anticipate the impact of their efforts on businesses, communities, and families worldwide? Today, we can see the ripple effect in value creation,  global technology advancement and innovations across the business spectrum: Software, SaaS, IoT, Healthcare, Clean Energy, AI, Medtech, Social Enterprise and more.

The founders of TiE were entrepreneurs, and they brought that mentality to the organization, building it like a startup. Their target, underserved customer:  entrepreneurs who, like them, immigrated to the US from the Indus Valley region. TiE’s founders understand their customers’ challenges and built the tools to empower them. At the heart of everything TiE did and does: experienced charter members willing to give time, expertise,  and capital to support the next generation of innovators. Their goal: to create a trusted and safe environment to be empowered – providing mentoring, educating, networking, and funding through programs and events.

TiE’s founders iterated product (programs and events) until the product and market fit was established. This playbook was scaled as next the Boston chapter, and then each  new chapter, launched. With support and a bottom up approach, new chapters established themselves and their own DNA.

What has been the impact of this vast, entrepreneurial network? Globally there are over 2800 TiE charter members and 9500 TiE members. Over the past 25 years, the TiE Network has produced 750 flagship conferences addressing the needs of local entrepreneurs worldwide. TiE Angels groups around the world have invested over $50M in startups 30 chapters run the TiE Young Entrepreneurs (TyE) program that originated in our chapter,  with over 10,000 high schoolers graduated to date with the business, problem solving, and team building skills that will serve them for a lifetime.Through the All India Road Show for Women’s Economic Empowerment through Entrepreneurship (AIRSWEEE) program, 10 mentors from US and 25 mentors from India travelled to Tier II cities in India to provide workshops to  empower 125 Indian women. Another 150 entrepreneurs in these cities will be reached this year.

At TiE Boston, we continue to iterate and reinvent our products, and here we are today: the second largest, and one of the most active and creative , of over 60 TiE chapters in 17 countries. We expect that, like TyE, TiE-Boston’s ScaleUp accelerator, named “most innovative TiE program” by TiE-Global,  will also ripple out to other chapters. , TiE Boston Angels have invested $10 million and counting. With the robust programming we have built, today, TiE Boston produces over 50 events each year designed to connect rising entrepreneurs – of all backgrounds – to the expertise and networks of our accomplished charter members.

Although we are 20, we are like an inquisitive child, a 20 year old startup. Always looking at ways to stay ahead, we remain vigilantly innovative to stay relevant in this evolving ecosystem and to best serve our members and rising entrepreneurs. We work with similar organizations as partners to create win-win scenarios. We are building deep relationships with professionals to create a trusted network to serve our stakeholders. All of this continues to be done in the spirit of creating value and giving back.

Sincere thanks to the founding team, past presidents, members, sponsors, volunteers and all who have contributed to the growth and impact of TiE and our chapter.

Let us pat our backs ever so gently, as

We have promises to keep, And miles to go before we sleep, And miles to go before we sleep…….



Praveen Tailam

President TiE-Boston


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