Lata Rao shuts down Koh-I-Noor Collections

Lata Rao (Photo: Courtesy: Lata Rao)
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LEXINGTON, MA– Lata Rao, who opened Greater Boston’s first Indian clothing business many years ago, is shutting down her latest venture: Koh-I-Noor Collections, which she operated from her home in Lexington, MA, in recent years.

Lata Rao (Photo: Jay Srinivasan)

“The company has decided to offer its entire inventory to our loyal New England clientele,” Rao said in a statement. “It is one last opportunity to pick up absolutely stunning deals on all clothing and jewelry items at a bargain 50 percent off.”

Rao, who owned and operated Koh-I-Noor Collections, said that while having enjoyed a healthy and successful run, she has decided to close the retail side of the business due to personal time constraints.

“No exceptions. Every item is boutique and designer quality at bargain basement pricing. Come and see for yourself between the dates of May 1st to May 31st, 2017,” said Rao, adding that that heavily embroidered bridal lehngas are selling at bargain pricing. Gift certificates are available too.


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