Kriti Sanon recites self-penned poem against domestic violence

Kriti Sanon
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Mumbai–Urging to report domestic violence cases amid the COVID-19 lockdown, actress Krti Sianon recited a poem on social media. She also said that it is important to stand up and that domestic violence is not okay.

In a video she posted on Instagram, Kriti recites a poem she had penned when she was in class XI.

In the clip, she is heard saying: “There is this poem which I had written very very long time ago…I was probably in 11th standard but I still remember it very clearly maybe because it is something I really feel for and that it is sadly still very relevant now.. It’s called ‘Abused’.”

“Now why am I reading this poem out today? because here has been an alarming increase of domestic violence cases in this lockdown period.”

Kriti said she wrote this poem because back then her househelp once told the actress’s mother about how her husband would come home late, drunk and would beat her up and that when her mother asked her to report it the househelp said she had no other place to go.

The “Luka Chuppi” star in the video said if she had to write the poem now she would change the ending.

She concluded by saying that it is not okay for anyone to physically hurt anyone and urged them to report.

Kriti captioned the clip: “Stand up for yourself & REPORT..because It’s NOT OKAY!It breaks my heart to read that the domestic violence cases have almost doubled up during the lockdown period! About 700 cases alone in Punjab! And these are just the ones Registered! Imagine how many are not reported!

“If you are going through any kind of domestic violence, PLEASE REPORT! There are helpline numbers at . NCW whatsapp helpline for lockdown period: 72177135372 ONLY YOU can control your life.. so stand up for yourself! Its NOT OK for anyone to physically hurt you.. no matter what the reason is! ITS NOT OK!


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