Know your Lexington candidates: bios released

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LEXINGTON, MA— Indian-American activists released the bios of their candidates in local elections in the historic town of Lexington, MA, on Monday, March 6.

There are good chances that Indian-Americans may make history again this year as a record number of them are running for town meeting memberships in their local precincts. One candidate, Neerja Bajaj, is running for the town-wide election for the School Committee.

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Here are their bios:

Aneesha Karody

Aneesha Karody (Precinct 5) is an independent Business Owner. Her venture stems from her passion for the art forms. She has also worked as a Director/ Product Manager for a reputed Finance Company in the IT Industry for over two decades before she decided to follow her passion. She has been a resident of Lexington for 12 years and has volunteered in school activities including Big-back yard, Library coordination, class activities, science fair, etc. and also is a part of Non-Profit Organizations that help support children’s education and daily well-being. She is married to Vadiraj Karody and has two children studying in Lexington public schools. She is motivated to give back to the community by representing the town in matters that impact us individually and as a community, help improve the standard of our living to steer the town toward continued success.


Dinesh G. Patel

Dinesh G. Patel M.D. (Precinct 6) is Emeritus Chief of Arthroscopic Surgery at M.G.H. and faculty member at Harvard. He along with the MGH simulation center, have started a program to educate and excite school children – science, simulation and health care with the use of Arthroscopic skills at the MGH museum. He was Chairman of the Board of Registration of Medicine in Massachusetts for many years. He and his wife Kokila Patel have three children and 10 grandchildren and have lived in Lexington since 1974. He is an accomplished photographer and has exhibited his pictures at Cary Library and Lexington Center. He is specifically interested in town issues surrounding healthcare, education and senior citizens.


Hema Bhatt

Hema Bhatt (Precinct 9) is an incumbent Town Meeting Member. She and her family are residents of Lexington for over 17 years. She has volunteered in the elementary, middle, high school and Hayden Recreation as well as many other cultural and sports events in and around town. She also serves on the committee of a non-profit organization that helps organize charity events. She believes in selfless action, working towards solving the problems and serving the community. She is also actively involved in professional organizations and serves on the committee for professional development. She holds degree in Civil Engineering and has extensive experience in her field, both in the private and public sector. She believes her personal perspective both as a working parent and technical professional will greatly benefit Town Government.

Narain Bhatia (Photo: Jay Srinivasan)

Narain Bhatia (Precinct 3) has lived in Lexington for nearly 45 years along with his wife Vidya and two accomplished daughters educated in Lexington public schools. He possesses a MS in Management from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) in New York and degrees in Mechanical Engineering and Industrial Management from India. He was a management consulting partner at KPMG in their Boston Office and a serial entrepreneur, having founded Minuteman International a premier firm in the field of fireplace and wood stove accessories and Suitable Match Inc., an Internet based match making organization for Indian Americans.  He has been very active in Lexington, was Town Meeting Member for 17 years from Precinct 9 and is Vice Chair of the Economics Development Advisory Committee. He has been a pioneer in the movement to increase Indian American participation in the town government with remarkable success.


Neerja Bajaj

Neerja Bajaj (School Committee) is passionate, engaged and committed to Lexington and its school system. As we address the issues around over-crowding and stress, she would like to bring important focus on: Lowering student-teacher ratios, Encouraging project based learning, Enriching our curriculum offering by adding more levels and collaboration with vocational schools, Enabling counselor engagement throughout the high school journey and finding creative ways to encourage more parent engagement with schools.  She would like to hear what is important to you.




Shailesh (Sunny) Chandra

Shailesh (Sunny) Chandra (Precinct 8) has lived in Lexington with his wife, Shubhra Chandra, for over 20 years. Their two children were born in Lexington and have attended Lexington Public Schools – Hastings, Diamond and LHS. He has been active in the community, as a Room Parent, volunteering at multiple school events, and the Lexington Educational Foundation (LEF). His wife is on the FOLMADS and LHS PTO boards, his daughter is a freshman at college, and his son is a sophomore at LHS. Shailesh’s career spans management consulting to business development and strategy in high-tech. Shailesh studied electrical engineering in India, and graduate engineering and management at Dartmouth College.


Vineeta Kumar

Vineeta Kumar (Precinct 3) has lived in Lexington for seven years, along with her husband Ajay and son Ishan who is an 8th grader at Clarke. After 23 successful years in the corporate world, where she led business growth and managed multi-million dollar P&Ls, she is taking a break to be a homemaker and participate in giving back to the community. Vineeta is passionate about Lexington’s rich history, the progressive and inclusive culture and focus on educational excellence. She would like to bring her experience in finance, business and technology to contribute in the governance and continued excellence of the town.

Vikas Kinger

Vikas Kinger (Precinct 7), an incumbent candidate, has lived in Lexington for last almost ten years with his wife and two children, aged 14 and 11, both in Lexington Public Schools. He was deeply involved in the issues town is facing and was instrumental in passing bills and bylaws to help our town become more safe, secure, both environment and business friendly, and support Lexington Public Schools. With your vote, Vikas wants to continue to work on some of the pressing issues Lexington faces today and bring about visible changes in town like: Support for preserving Lexington’s historic brick sidewalk, protecting the Grove Street forest, Grove Street Water Pressure problem, affordable housing and balancing town budget.





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