Jagoworld Holds 6th Annual Holiday Gift Drive

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By Supriyo Rana

FOXBOROUGH, MA–Members of JagoWorld, a volunteer powered organization whose mission is to encourage and empower children, families and the community in learning and service activities, participated in the club’s 6th annual holiday gift drive last month in Foxborough, MA.

The purpose of organizing the holiday gift drive was to help improve the lives of children in foster care and to help the club members understand the values associated with serving one’s own community. First, the members were split into groups of about five children in addition to a designated individual serving as the respective team leader.

Each group was given a list of names and clothing items for five foster kids, who then traveled together and attempted to find all items on their list. When all the shopping was done, the members returned to the community center to wrap and box the gifts.

Once all the boxes were wrapped and tagged with the foster child’s name, the foster care social workers came in to collect them.

JagoWorld collaborated with Wonderfund to provide kids in foster care with presents this holiday season.

Throughout the event, kid volunteers learned valuable lessons regarding the importance of serving the community. They learned that they are fortunate to receive gifts on Christmas and celebrate the holidays with a family, but that this is not the case for most foster care children. By participating in the gift drive, the kids learned that altruistic efforts would go a long way in helping their communities, and make them feel proud of themselves for doing such great work.

To learn more about JagoWorld and its programs, please contact the founder Arun Chaudari at arun@jagoworld.com or visit their Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/jagoworldinc.



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