INE Multimedia Presents New England Choice Awards on Oct. 28 at Westin Hotel in Waltham

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WALTHAM, MA—INE MultiMedia, a non-profit organization devoted to promoting and supporting charitable organizations, art, culture, education and empowerment through workshops, seminars and multimedia, announced that it will host its inaugural New England Choice Awards gala on Oct. 28 at Westin Hotel in Waltham, MA.

New England Choice Awards, which will be decided by an independent jury, will be given to people who have made a big difference in New England and have excelled in their chosen profession and followed their passion. The awards will be presented in collaboration with INDIA New England News, the region’s oldest and largest print, online and video magazine.

Raj Sharma-action“This is a natural evolution for INDIA New England News and it is important to recognize achievements in different areas such as entrepreneurship, philanthropy, art, culture and others,” said Raj Sharma, a trustee of AIF and Managing Director and Head of The Sharma Group, a high-end private advisory boutique within Merrill Lynch’s Private Banking and Investment Group.

INE MultiMedia President Dr. Manju Sheth, MD, said that she has been conceptualizing and working on this for the last three years and now was the right time to launch this annual awards gala to honor some known and some unsung heroes of the community, which has grown exponentially in the last decade.

Manju-Award“One of my passions in life has always been to appreciate and honor the heroes of our community. It opens up so many windows of opportunities and also inspires others to do more,” said Dr. Sheth. “My world completely changed after I was honored as Woman of the Year in 2011. We all look up to those who live amongst us and excel in their chosen line of work and in following their passion. I am thrilled that we are doing this in collaboration with INDIA New England News, which has set a gold standard for Woman of the Year award for 14 years.”

Upendra Mishra, publisher of INDIA New England News and its sister publications IndUS Business Journal and Boston Real Estate Times, said it was a fantastic idea.

Upendra-FB-TVASIA-mug-s“Boston is the world’s hub for academic, high-tech, and healthcare industries, and we are looking forward to working on this exciting project and honoring the best of the best,” Mishra said. “It will be one-of-a-kind red-carpet event in New England.”

This annual awards gala will honor entrepreneur, doctor and philanthropist of the year. In addition, there will be an award for community service, art and culture, a non-profit organization to name a few, and of course since it is Boston an academic award will be presented as well.

“The awards are open to all and not limited to South Asian Community. We encourage people to write to us with their recommendations for jury, and we welcome all suggestions,” added Dr. Sheth.

Sahdev PasseyDr. Sahdev Passey, one of the founders of India Society of Worcester and the Indian Medical Association of New England, commended this community awards initiative.

“It is a very good idea. It is nice to recognize and appreciate the work people are doing for our community locally. There are a lot of people doing great things here.  We need to roll up our sleeves and do something for the community where we live,” said Dr. Passey. “Recognition and appreciation of such people and their work by our community leaders will be super.”

Dr. Dinesh Patel, a physician and community leader, said that INDIA New England News and INE MultiMedia have

Dr. Dinesh Patel

created wonderful inspiring platforms and activities to showcase and unearth the hidden jewels from the community.

“Respecting best of  best people is a good idea – inspire all especially the future generation that it is possible to catch the dreams, pursue and focus a disciplined approach, work hard and excel , make a drop of rain a mighty ocean,” said Dr. Patel. “We are proud of your efforts and best wishes.”

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