Indian origin British pop star Arzutra drops new single

Arzutra Garielle
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London–┬áIndian origin British pop singer Arzutra Garielle has announced her new single Manchali. Departing from her trademark romantic songs, Manchali is pitched as a motivational number that carries message of empowerment.

The energetic song is produced by composer Atif Ali along with Tabraiz Haroon, and directed by Arzutra. The video shows the story of a little girl who dreams to be a singer, and captures her tireless journey until she finally makes it to the big stage.

“My parents wanted me to be an accountant but I wanted to be a singer. They never understood me. I had to break free from my family’s expectations. I became an outcast for following my dream because achieving my dream became an obsession for me. No one could relate to me, until I started becoming successful at what I do,” Arzutra claimed.

The video also features many young girls and women from different walks of life sharing their own messages.

“Us girls need to help and support each other to the top. We need to move away from a me-me-me world and move more into an I-You-We world,” she explained the message in the video.

Manchali is from Arzutra’s second album, which is scheduled to launch next year. Her next single is slated to drop on Valentine’s Day. (IANS)



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