Indian man shot dead in US

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Washington– A 21-year-old Indian man was shot dead in front of his house during a robbery in the US state of Mississippi.

The incident happened days after a 20-year-old Indian student was killed by two armed robbers at a grocery store in California.

In the latest attack, Sandeep Singh was shot in the stomach during the robbery reported around 11 p.m. on Sunday in Jackson city, Mississippi, police said.

He died at the University of Mississippi Medical Centre on Monday, reported WAPT, an ABC-affiliated television station.

Singh and two other men were standing outside their house when a man in a mask and a hoodie walked up to them. The robber took money and cellphones from the men.

As the robber ran away, he fired shots and one of the bullets hit Singh, knocking him unconscious, police said. Singh’s death is the city’s 58th homicide for the year.

He hailed from Jalandhar and got a job in the US after he migrated to the country four years ago on a tourist visa.

The gunman could be one of a group of armed men believed to be responsible for recent armed robberies of businesses and individuals throughout the northwest Jackson area, the police said.

The shooter was described as wearing a gray hooded shirt and was armed with a 9 mm pistol, police said.

“In an attempt to conceal their identities, they have their faces covered with bandannas and/or masks. The suspects have also been observed wearing hooded sweatshirts and gloves,” Commander Tyree Jones said in a news release.

All of the men are African-American, said Jones.

This is the second such incident of the killing of an Indian youth in the US in the past two weeks. On November 13, Indian student Dharampreet Singh was shot dead allegedly by two armed robbers, including one of Indian-origin, in California. (IANS)


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