India Discovery Center Hosts Day-Long Seminar on Study of the Vedic Period in Lincoln on Saturday

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LINCOLN, MA –  India Discovery Center, Inc.  a Lincoln, MA-based non-profit organization, is sponsoring a day-long educational seminar entitled “Study of the Vedic Period” on Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017, from 9:30 am to 4 pm, at Bemis Hall located at 15 Bedford Road in Lincoln, MA.

Thomas Burke, a retired language scholar from Harvard University and Pandit Krishna Bhattar of Sri Lakshmi Temple in Ashland will be the Guests of Honor at the event, India Discovery Center said in a statement.

“The Vedas form the foundation of Indian culture.  Indian languages, the belief systems, the customs and the social etiquette formed through the Vedas.  The oldest signature of the Indo-European languages is researched through the Vedic language,” the statement said. “The Vedic culture created the basis of the musical melody, structure of the human speech and expressions, the association of human life with the cosmic events and the power of prayers in everyday living.”

The presentations at the seminar are divided into six tracks: (i) Geography and People, (ii) Art and Culture, (iii) Language and Literature, (iv) Philosophy and Religion, (v) Science and Technology, and (vi) Economy and Politics and would be led by volunteer researchers of the organization.

Besides the lectures, there will be Vedic recitations by the local Sanskrit scholars and a Zoroastrian Gatha recitation by a Parsi scholar.  There will also be a special release of a Vedic composition set to music by local artists.

All are invited to participate in India Discovery Center’s journey to the period of the Vedas.  For more information,  visit the Center website www. for registration, or  contact Bijoy Misra at or by telephone at (781) 259-0029.





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