IAGB’s First Attempt to Stage a Play Pays Off

Aditi Taylor (Photo: INDIA New England News)
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WESTON, MA—The first ever attempt by the India Association of Greater Boston to host a play to raise funds for local charities, paid off—and it paid off well. The Hindi play “Sach…Aur Sach Ke Siwa” drew hundreds of attendees, including almost a dozen former presidents of the organization, known as IAGB. (Gallery photos by Neil Pandit)

“This was IAGB’s first ever attempt at fundraising and it was a great success,” IAGB President Jayashree Voruganti told INDIA New England News. “The proceeds from the play will be used towards IAGB’s two new initiative: Community Services & Integration and Reach Beyond Boundaries programs.”

Photo: INDIA New England News

Voruganti said that chosen platform for Community Services program is “hunger.” The proceeds from this program went to We Care Charity and Sewa.

“In promoting this noble cause, IAGB will be cooperating and collaborating with local charity organizations who render these services.  Together, we will make a difference,” said Voruganti .

The Hindi play  “Sach…Aur Sach Ke Siwa,” which is based on Agatha Christie’s famous novel Witness for Prosecution, was staged on Saturday at the auditorium of the Regis College in Weston, MA. The was  was written, directed and produced by Avinash Padhye.

Photo: INDIA New England News
Photo: INDIA New England News

This was the first time in its 50-plus-years of history that IAGB is hosted a play. Traditionally, IAGB has been known for organizing two annual events:  India Day and Republic Day.

Padhye translated the original play into Hindi. The play was first staged last year by Leherein group. The key performers in the play include Padhye, Aditi Taylor, Abhi Kanade, Ashish Panke, Suhas Marathe, Santosh Late, Hirkani Padhye, Anagha Singh and Deven Atnoor.



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