Hindi Manch Presents Baal Evam Yuva Manch, Learning Hindi Through Drama, Action and Entertainment


FRAMINGHAM, MA—New England Hindi Manch will present its annual program for kids: Baal Evam Yuva Manch, which helps kids learn Hindi through action, drama and entertainment. This is a talent show for children (ages 5–21 years) where they perform small skits, plays, group songs in Hindi on Stage.

hm-kids-s“Hindi Manch works all year round to promote Hindi, Urdu languages and related dialects through music, theater, cultural events and literary sittings,” organizers of the event said in a statement.

The Hindi Manch is bringing back one of the favorite events for the kids in the area Baal Evam Yuva Manch on Sunday, June 5, 2016, at Keefe Technical School in Framingham, MA.

“If you want your kids to like and learn Hindi language, one way is to encourage them to perform in Hindi on stage with other kids,” the statement said. “During the preparation process they make other Hindi learning friends and develop affinity towards this language. Hindi Manch offers this opportunity and invites your kids to join this event as one of the performers.”

hm-kids-action-s If you would like your kids to participate, visit: http://hindimanch.org/baal-yuva-vibhag.

“Each one of us living far away from our motherland wish our children to understand the richness of our native language, the ‘Dialects’ which connect heart to hearts and soul to souls, as a language embodies the culture,” said the statement. “Imagine our children trying to express their excitement after winning their baseball game to their grandparents and “Dada-Dadi” trying to connect the dots wanting to express their raw emotions in a language they are comfortable with.”

Hindi Manch has been working to pass on the heritage of Hindi and related languages to the next generation through various cultural events. Baal Evam Yuva Manch has been a big success and popular among the children from South Asian background in the area. It has also played an important role in generating interest towards language and culture for the next generation.

“Hindi Manch not only continues the legacy of its various events but also with each year passing by, takes  every event to a superior level. The honesty, dedication and selfless efforts from its volunteers has made Baal Evam Yuva Manch so popular that it has been completely sold out from past few years,” said Hindi Manch President Preetesh Shrivastava.

For more information, visit: www.hindimanch.org.


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