IAGB Announces Board of Advisors, Gathers Community Leaders

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TEWKSBURY, MA—India Association of Greater Boston, a non-profit organization serving the Indian community for 54 years, took a giant new step and formed a new advisory committee and held a reception for its life members, members and community leaders.

Approximately 120 people attended the by invitation only event. Attendees included IAGB life members, members, past presidents, partners, sponsors, supporters, community leaders and guests.

Jaya Voruganti
IAGB President Jaya Voruganti

IAGB President Jaya Voruganti said the main goal of the meeting was to provides its members a clear vision of the organization, change its image from two-event-per-year organization, provide continuity,  create an IAGB community platform, and collaborate with all organization across the board.

“IAGB believes in the mission of each individual organization and would like to collaborate with them to bring us together,” Voruganti said. “Help us help ourselves and bring the organization to our community.”

The main highlight of the event was the announcement of the formation of IAGB Advisory Board, whose members are:

  1. Kaplesh Kumar – Legal
  2. Nannaji Saka – Auditing
  3. Ram Voruganti – Community Services/compliment EC initiatives
  4. Shiva Sheel
  5. Mohan Dali
  6. Amrit Soni
  7. Anil Saigal

“The IAGB is 54 years old organization, the oldest organization in the New England area.  Thanks to all IAGB Past Presidents, the organization has grown by leaps and bounds.  There is a wealth of knowledge and experience at the tip of their fingers and we wanted to tap in this experiences going forward in our expanded mission and agenda,” Voruganti said.

iagb-eventShe said the Advisory Board will provide the much needed continuity to IAGB going forward with the new vision and visibility at various community events to represent IAGB.

“We identified certain areas that would need continuous help and also wanted to accommodate all past presidents over next few years.  We nominated seven advisers but the number can change based on the requirements,” Voruganti said.  “We also want to ensure that their function is in the advisory nature only and not binding to EC.  We will have to make changes to IAGB By-laws to accommodate the advisory functions.”


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