Has Mark Zuckerberg taken a pay cut, asks sacked Meta employee

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New Delhi– Meta (formerly Facebook) has begun laying off nearly 10,000 workers in a second round of job cuts, and many of the employees have started looking for new jobs on LinkedIn, including a woman who got fired while on maternity leave.

Andi Allen, a senior technical recruiter at Meta in the US who was laid off during the second round of layoffs, said that getting laid off during maternity leave was the most shocking aspect.

“I was part of today’s #metalayoffs while on maternity leave. I understand changes in market trends and focus on the business’s bottom line. I don’t understand how #metaleadership miscalculated so badly that they had to lay off thousands of employees, and yet still want to claim that they care about the people who work for them,” Allen wrote in her LinkedIn post.

“Has Mark Zuckerberg taken a pay cut?” she asked.

She concluded her post, saying: “My recruiting team was top-notch, and I loved the teams we supported, but #meta’s handling of this situation is appalling”.

It was ironic that only four months ago, Allen expressed her relief that her role had not been affected by the Meta layoffs.

She also mentioned that she loved working at the company and that she was about three weeks away from giving birth to her baby.

“Thank you to everyone who has checked in on me regarding the #metalayoffs. I found out this morning that my role was not impacted. I’m tremendously relieved to still have my job because I’m about 3 weeks away from having a baby, but also because I genuinely love working at #Meta,” she wrote.

The tech giant laid off around 11,000 employees last year in its first round of job cuts. (IANS)


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