Harpi Gill: Never though we’d launch a new song amid pandemic

Harpi Gill (Photo: Facebook)
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Mumbai– Punjabi singer Harpi Gill says her latest track “Suit sandal” is a special one, as she never thought of releasing her song during a pandemic.

The song is inspired by the innocent conversation between couples coming from varied backgrounds, and is a modern take on relationship dynamics.

“‘Suit sandal’ is very close to my heart as I never thought we would launch the song amidst a pandemic. I was overwhelmed by the response I received for ‘Lethal jatti’ and I am extremely excited for audiences to experience ‘Suit sandal’,” said Harpi.

The journey of creating this song was one of personal growth and gratitude for her.

“Coming from a humble background, I have been fortunate enough that my family has been extremely supportive of my decision to pursue music and I hope that I am able to make my parents proud and set a good example for my sister while paving a path for her future. I am thankful to all the people that enjoy my music and show me so much love,” she said.

In the video, which was shot in Mumbai, social media star Manjul Khattar is seen romancing Harpi.

“Suit sandal” is out now. (IANS)



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